Did I mention that it was a good week for car videos? Well, it is. The latest from Tax The Rich is them hooning a Ferrari 288 GTO, the predecessor to the F40. There is a bit of Gymkhana flare in this one, but the car steals the show. 
It is a good week for videos. We couldn't let this one pass by. The drift trains towards the end are insane! A little longer video, but worth the time. Check it out.
Eagerly awaiting the next installment of Gymkhana? Well after some have flopped, I took this one with a grain of salt. Would it be a long-form commercial, or will there actually be driving involved? Well I'm happy to report, it's mostly about the driving! And I must say, Ken Block has stepped it up. I've been critical of his driving in the past(like I could do any better), but this time I came away impressed. Check it out!
This year, Battle Stance was able to hit the SEMA Show thanks to our sister sites CAMautoMag and [func-shun]. The crew rolled down on Monday afternoon, drove through snow, spent 4 hours in a canyon with no cell service because of an accident on the freeway, and generally didn't get any sleep that night, but we were ready to hit the show come Day 1!
There is over 2 million square feet in the Convention Center and we walked it all. Our feet are sore, but it was worth it. Over-fenders was a recurring theme this year and Liberty Walk and RWB did not disappoint. Click 'Read More' for the rest of the scoop.

Tease! Expect a full feature on this Battle Stanced Nissan 370Z soon!
The SEMA Show is the mecca of automotive shows in the United States! Why? Anything and everything is there from OEM to Off-Road. And this will be the first year that Battle Stance will be bringing you coverage of the show in conjunction with CAMautoMag. The Show begins November 5th, but we are already planning it out now. Stay tuned for more as we get closer to the show.
I've always admired Jake's Mazda. He goes through cars constantly, but this one stuck for a multitude of reasons, until now of course. This one is up for sale, but he held onto it for longer than usual. The combination of the Track Dog Supercharger kit and prototype Raceland coilovers made it fun to drive, so much fun that Jake lost his license...

I just want to say thank you to everyone who came out! Can't wait to get another meet together. In the meantime, check out the pictures below! 
Come out to the meet! Special thanks to Innovative Garage, who without, this couldn't have happened.
Our online store is now up! Check it out! It currently has a fresh batch of stickers, but we will soon be getting more merchandise. Also if you come out to our meet at Miller Motorsports Park on the 24th, you can get special pricing on the stickers!
Battle Stance Store

UPDATE! We now have a limited supply of 40" long windshield banners.